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Лабораторная автоматизация

Станции Biomek – многофункциональные роботы-манипуляторы, которые позволяют автоматизировать как рутинные процессы дозирования жидкостей, так и исследования целиком при интеграции с дополнительными устройствами.

  • Biomek i-Series

    Designed for your evolving workflow priorities
    Designed to optimize dependability and walk-away time in mid- to high-throughput labs, the i-Series delivers solutions centered on what’s most important in your lab – simplicity, efficiency, adaptability, and reliability.
  • Biomek 4000

    Intuitive software. Maximum versatility.

    The Biomek 4000 is an entry-level solution with precise, efficient & reliable performance that flexes & grows with your needs.

  • Biomek NXp

    Bringing power and flexibility down to size.

    A wide range of innovative features in a small footprint design make the Biomek NXP an ideal solution for today’s dynamic lab environments.

  • Biomek FXP

    Every aspect of liquid handling put into a single, automated system.

    Combined with proven Biomek Software & ongoing applications development, the Biomek FXP brings new possibilities to life.

  • Software

    Thinks the way you think. Works the way you work.

    The integrated software suite from Beckman Coulter captures & stores all your data. Access it when & where you need it–even years from now.

  • Lab Solutions

    Go beyond liquid handling with a customized Biomek lab solution.

    We bring decades of experience integrating Biomek workstations with hundreds of third party devices to help streamline your entire workflow.

  • Pipetting Tips

    Excellence at the most critical point of contact.

    Designed, validated & approved for Biomek liquid handlers. Protect your investment with tips precision manufactured to Biomek madrel tolerances.

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