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Transform the efficiency and reliability of your research with Beckman Coulter automated lab protocols. Discover protocol information and insights relevant to your application here.


For every researcher there is an ideal analytical technology to achieve your goals. Let us demonstrate how Beckman Coulter can help.

Automate your protein research with Beckman Coulter

Proteomics research presents issues of limited and variable sample material and degradation, vast dynamic range and a plethora of post-translational modifications. Whether analyzing a single protein or an entire proteome, automation can help achieve enhanced reproducibility while also delivering cost and time-saving benefits to proteomics researchers. Automation solutions are central to achieving this as well as linking proteomics-based information with related areas of research.

Автоматизация протеомных исследований

Automating Protein Research

With a dynamic range of pipetting capabilities, Biomek systems present a liquid handling platform that can be configured for semi- or complete automation of protein assays and meticulous management of precious protein samples.

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